Vietnam Visa Extension/Renewal Services in India

After having entered Vietnam for a specific duration as allowed, you would like stay longer in Vietnam. What should you do?

The only thing you should do is to extend your visa. And in order to support you to save your valuable time, has developed visa extension/renewal services for those who have been to Vietnam.

If you would like to extend/renew your visa (for the first time), please follow these steps:

Step 1. Please send us your scan version of your passport and the page containing your current Vietnam visa to our email: Then we will send it to Vietnam Immigration Department to check your information before extending/renewing your visa.

Step 2. We will inform you about the visa extension fee and whether your visa can be extended/ renewed as visa extension varies in each case.

Step 3. You need to bring these following documents to our office:

* Your original passport
* Temporary residence paper approved by the hotel where you live at or approved by local authorities where you live in (or ward’s Police Unit)
* If you are Vietnamese overseas or your current visa is separated visa, you will need to prepare 2 passport-sized photos (4×6 cm) with a face straight forward.

Step 4. Please wait some days to get your passport back together with your new stamped visa. See the below table for detailed processing time for each type of visa:


Visa types for extension

Processing time (working days)



1 month single


Extend 1 month single




Renew 1 month single


Applicable for those have visa exemption


3 months single/multiple


Extend 3 months single/multiple


Effective for 3 months visa


Renew 3 months single/multiple


Effective for 1 month visa

Important Notes:

* You’d better extend/renew your visa at least 1 week (for 3 months visa, preferably 2 weeks) before your visa is expired.
* Before you apply for visa extension, your passport must have 2 blank pages at maximum.
* We assist for those extend /renew visa for the first time.
* For tourist and business Visa, this visa extension/renewal is only applicable for 1 month or 3 months (single/ multiple)
* For Diplomatic, Official visas, and other types of visa should be applied through the official agencies or government or business sponsors or contact the Vietnam Immigration Department in person.

Contact us for visa extension

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